Rate Fast!

Many photo editors ship rating utilities out of the box. But since this is not the focus of those programs, the process is not as fast and comfortable, as a user with lots of pictures to rate could desire.

We, photographers, deserve a good tool for rating our pictures in a fast way.

PhotoRanker is the first working Windows 8 app (Windows Store app or WindowsRT, WinRT app) focused on this feature, so you could start your pictures editing process by rating them in a very fast and concise way.

Navigate your pictures choosing what are your favorites by giving them stars. Later, you can sort them to execute all your edition according with the rate you gave them.

For example, this is a very good mean to delete undesired pictures with just one operation, by browsing them in a file explorer, sorting them by rating after you have ranked them with PhotoRanker, and then deleting them.

Just Touch and Rate!

While It was created thinking in touch first, it is very keyboard and mouse friendly too: You can assign rating stars by typing the number required and navigate thru pictures using the arrows in your keyboard. The rating applied meets the standards of Exif Data, so you can manipulate your images with other tools, sorting them based on the ranking you gave them.

Download PhotoRanker from the Windows Store now!

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